Legal Insurance

Legal Insurance  


For a low monthly premium, you’ll have access to a nationwide network of attorneys who can:

  • Work with you in person, over the phone or online to consult on legal issues.
  • Review or prepare personal documents.
  • Make follow-up calls or write letters on your behalf.
  • Represent you—even in court, if necessary.

Network attorneys can help with a variety of legal services, including:

  • Wills and estate planning
  • Real estate and home ownership
  • Traffic tickets and license suspension
  • Disputes with a landlord
  • Family law matters
  • Small claims court
  • Consumer fraud
  • Personal property disputes
  • Student loan debt
  • Bankruptcy
  • And more!

Enjoy Life. Worry Less.


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Visit ARAG Legal center to learn more about what the plan offers, research legal topics and more! (Access Code: 18422nsu )


NOTE: When you sign up, you are enrolling for the full plan year and must remain in the plan until the next annual enrollment period.


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As a new hire, you can enroll within 21 days of your benefits eligible date. Outside of your new hire enrollment period, enrollment is limited to NorthShore's annual enrollment period. $21.05 per month, via payroll deduction, covers you, your spouse/domestic partner and dependents.

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How It Works


Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.
  • Who is the provider?

    ARAG® offers the most comprehensive legal insurance plan designed around a nationwide network of attorneys. The plan, UltimateAdvisor®, pays Network attorney fees—with no co-pays—for most covered legal matters.


    The legal insurance plan provides affordable legal counsel for a variety of legal matters, such as a dispute with a contractor, buying or selling a home or creating a will or trust.

  • How can this help me?

    Have you ever wished you had an attorney on retainer? Someone who could:

    • Send a letter to an auto dealership and get them to fix your car right.
    • Call the credit card company so they’d erase a disputed charge on your account.
    • Get in touch with a contractor who hadn’t finished your home repair properly and persuade them to fix the project correctly.


    Now you can get something even better with your legal insurance benefit. With the legal plan, there are attorneys in your corner … ready whenever you need help on legal matters or financial issues. That means you can consult with an attorney for a will. Have a lawyer help you dispute a speeding ticket. Even get a legal opinion on what to do about a neighbor’s fence that’s sitting on your property—all without paying attorney fees or having to spend time finding the right attorney.


    Attorney fees are 100 percent paid in full for most covered services when you use an attorney in the network. Best of all, you won’t be left scrambling if you run into a legal problem…calling or texting friends and family to try to find an attorney. Or, worrying how you’ll pay high-priced attorney fees. You’ll simply call 1-800-247-4184 and we’ll connect you with an attorney who can help. And in the end, you can rest easy knowing your legal insurance benefit takes care of the attorney fees on covered matters.


    You’ll also have access to the ARAG® Legal Center with tools and resources like:

      The Education Center: A collection of helpful guidebooks, articles, newsletters and more to help you understand everyday legal issues.

      DIY Docs®: An easy-to-use tool that gives you the convenience and control of creating state-specific, legally-valid documents online, including a standard will, childcare authorization and automobile bill of sale.

      LawExpresso®: A monthly e-newsletter designed exclusively for members that covers timely legal topics and provides helpful tips.


    Visit to learn more about what the plan offers, research legal topics and MORE! Or call 800-247-4184 to speak with an ARAG Customer Care Specialist.

  • Who is covered?

    You and your eligible family members are covered.
  • What’s covered?

    ARAG’s UltimateAdvisor offers unlimited telephone advice and in-office consultations regarding a wide range of personal legal issues and full representation for the following:

    • Wills, trusts and estate planning (wills, power of attorney)
    • Family law (name change, adoption, divorce)
    • Consumer protection issues (auto repair, consumer fraud)
    • Traffic matters (driver license suspension, operating while intoxicated)
    • Debt-related matters (bankruptcy, foreclosure)
    • Landlord/tenant matters (contracts, security deposit)
    • Buying/selling a home

     Plus, many more – visit for a complete list.

  • Are there any exclusions?

    The plan covers most personal legal services. The following matters are excluded from coverage:

    • Legal services for matters against ARAG, the policyholder and/or the plan sponsor.
    • Legal services arising out of your profession, business interests, investment interests, occupation, employment, workers’ or unemployment compensation, relocation required by an employer, patents or copyrights.
    • Legal services for the benefit of a person other than you or legal services for a person other than the named insured against the interests of another insured under the same Certificate.
    • Costs related to title insurance, title search, title abstracting and any costs other than attorney fees.
    • Legal representation in class actions, interventions, judgments, or appeals.
    • Legal representation deemed by the attorney to be lacking merit or representation that is, in the judgment of the providing attorney, in violation of attorney ethics rules.
    • Legal services related to any court action which is or can be brought in Small Claims Court or in a similar court of limited jurisdiction.
    • Legal disputes involving insurance contracts or related to structural damage(s), noise, visual or other intangible hindrances arising out of or affecting real estate property.
    • Legal disputes arising out of the inheritance law or involving contracts related to family law matters.
    • Legal services which are eligible to be paid by another party, allowed to be paid by law, involving punitive damage(s) claims or other matters normally handled by contingency fee.
    • Matters which are not expressly listed under the “Benefits” section of this policy.


    Pre-existing matters: If you have already hired the services of an attorney, a legal action has been filed or any actual or alleged violations of either party's rights has occurred, you are not eligible for in-office coverage. However, as a plan member, you are eligible to receive telephone legal advice for non-excluded matters from a Network Attorney as well as reduced fee benefits for in-office legal services of at least 25 percent off their normal rate.

  • What attorney can I use?

    You have access to a network of nearly 13,000 attorneys across the U.S. Attorneys in the ARAG Attorney Network:

    • Are selected individually to ensure you receive professional assistance.
    • Average more than 20 years of experience practicing law.
    • Can meet your wide range of legal needs.
    • Are re-credentialed annually to maintain ARAG’s standards.
    • Must fulfill specific criteria to maintain their status in the network, including:
      • Verified educational background and continuing education
      • State licensed to practice law – in good standing with their state bar association
      • Regular engagement in the practice of law and the maintenance of a full-time law office
      • Professional liability insurance
      • Disclosure of any complaints, discipline or malpractice claims


    You also have the flexibility to use a non-network attorney and get reimbursed for covered services according to the indemnity benefits under your legal plan. If there are no attorneys within 30 miles of your home or office, ARAG will work with you to locate an attorney from whom you may receive full in-network benefits for covered matters.


    To find local Network Attorneys, please contact ARAG’s Customer Care Center at 1-800-247-4184 or you can log in to or download the ARAG Legal app and access the Attorney Finder to search for a Network Attorney by area of law and location. If you have any difficulty locating a Network Attorney, please call ARAG’s Customer Care Center for assistance.

  • How are payments handled with a non-network attorney?

    As a member, you have the choice to see a Network or non-network attorney; however most members use a Network Attorney for their legal matter. If you choose to work with a non-network attorney, you will be billed directly by them. You will then be required to provide ARAG with appropriate documentation—including ARAG non-network attorney Claim Form—to be reimbursed for covered legal services under your indemnity benefits. Reimbursement will then be made to you according to the indemnity amount, which is listed in your group policy.
  • Can I use this plan for small business-related or employment-related legal matters?

    No. ARAG provides legal protection for personal legal matters and does not provide services for business-related legal matters or any matter involving your employer, its subsidiaries or insurance carriers.
  • What if my employment status changes?

    You will have the option to purchase a similar legal plan through ARAG—the UltimateAdvisor® Conversion Plan. Contact ARAG at 1-800-247-4184 for details.

Limitations and exclusions apply. Depending upon a state's regulations, ARAG's legal insurance plan may be considered an insurance product or a service product. Insurance products are underwritten by ARAG Insurance Company of Des Moines, Iowa. Service products are provided by ARAG Services, LLC. This material is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract. For terms, benefits or exclusions, call 1-800-247-4184.


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